Talent Factory Africa Ltd is an investment banking and financial services firm that was established in January 2013.


Talent Factory is focused on supporting the development of the leading corporates in The Gambia while creating an investment avenue for investors who are looking to deploy capital in the country over the short and long term. The company is promoted by young Gambian professionals with experience in investment banking, commercial banking, management consulting and entrepreneurship in The Gambia and the West Africa sub-region. Talent Factory has a network of contacts in a host of sectors in West Africa and works with a number of firms and consultants in The Gambia and select West African countries in executing some of its transactions.

Talent Factory is committed to seeing a better and more prosperous Africa that eschews the values of democracy, rule of law, human rights and self-determination. The company is of the view that the only way that Africa can achieve this end, is through an environment in which the private sector is the key driver of growth and development, hence in short “development through private enterprise”. Talent Factory seeks to help in building viable going concerns with sound governance and operational structures across key industries on the African continent which will have the net result of not only providing strong risk adjusted returns to investors, but also advancing the development agenda of the continent.

The mission of Talent Factory is to fill a void that is markedly absent within the African continent, the provision of long-term entrepreneurial capital and technical advisory to corporate entities, government departments and agencies, entrepreneurs and other institutions committed to ensuring the development of Africa through private enterprise.

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Kalifa M Faal
Chief Executive Officer - KMF Technologies

Working with Talent Factory has been a revelation. They believed in our vision for our ISP operations in The Gambia. They listened to our ideas and helped to put the pieces together in support of our successful ISP license application. Great job team


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